Mod your Gear

August 10, 2012

Lots of outdoor gear nowadays has superfluous features. Extra straps for attaching ice axes, ski poles, shovel pockets, ipod holders, waterbottle holders, hood clips, phone clips the list goes on. Most of the time you don’t need this stuff and often these features are there to make the product more appealing in the outdoor porn shop. This practice is totally understandable as it generates more sales for the manufacturer and retailer.

However, often you don’t need this crap, and one of your best friends in this situation is a pair of scissors. Just cut all the superfluous features off with a pair of scissors / knife. The result being lean gear.

Dont stop there, if there is a piece of gear which isnt performing quite as you would like, or you have some ideas about how it could be better, just mod it! Find someone with a sewing machine (thanks mum!) and implement your ideas. A custom setup suited to you will enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors and the activities you perform there.