Php Code Beautifier Textmate Bundle

March 24, 2010

I think this could me my first php blog post ever! I am normally so excited about ruby and related technologies that my involvement with php has wained over recent years.

I think this is a good thing as I can now see that PHP is not as good as its Python and Ruby colleagues. However, recently I have been unable to choose technology and have been working on a number of php projects at work.

Using textmate as my weapon of choice (instead of eclipse based IDEs which are more common) I have come to use the ruby code beautifier bundle a lot when crafting elite ruby code.

I have put together a code beautifier bundle for textmate which makes dirty php code look prettier.

The actual beautifier php class was modified from the original . This is a relatively crude beautifier and could do with some fine tuning to improve a few annoyances. If you feel like helping please fork the project on github and give me a pull request.

Happy tarting!