Christmas Card Labels Application

December 08, 2009

I have been keen to get my hands dirty with ExtJS, so jumped at the chance to make a christmas card list application which can print the list to labels; to stick on envelopes.

I have finally become mature enough to have a christmas card list along with my girlfriend, which is useful for keeping track of friends both in Trondheim and the United Kingdom.

To get it up and running on heroku it is pretty swift -

git clone git://
  cd christmas-card-labels
  sudo gem install heroku
  heroku create
  git push heroku master
  heroku rake db:migrate

You are now good to go, you may need to tweak the css (labels.css) to match your specific labels which can be a painful experience.

Default username / password is god / jul which is norwegian for merry christmas!

There is a demo version online