Wee Beastie Rails Forum Engine

August 21, 2009

I have modified Savage-Beast extensively to make it run as a rails engine under rails 2.3.×. I think that rails engines are suited to running forum systems. The modifications that I made seemed a bit aggressive (I removed internationalization) so decided a separate project was required.

I have named it Wee Beastie

Currently the install process is a bit long winded which I hope to tidy up soon, if you want to help feel free to fork and get involved.

Wee Beastie

Rewrite of SavageBeast to work with Rails 2.3.x as a rails engine.


  • script/plugin install git://github.com/pyrat/wee_beastie.git
  • rake wee_beastie:sync_migrations
  • rake wee_beastie:sync_public
  • rake wee_beastie:install_plugins
  • rake db:migrate
  • config.cache_classes = true (environment.rb) – means restarts, sorry!
  • config.active_record.default_timezone = :utc
  • include WeeBeastie::UserInit to user model
  • setup a user to have forum_admin attribute set to true to allow you to administer and setup the forums.


  • Currently there is no out of the box way to create moderatorships. You need to add the create moderatorship links in your you administration.