Building a Booter

December 03, 2007

First thing to do is find the best spot. Ideally this is waaay off-piste where there is virgin snow everywhere. Make sure avalanche risk is low and you are with friends.

The spot where to build it is pretty important, it should be on a flat spot between two steep spots.

Now start stacking a lot of snow on the flat spot. It takes some time and a bit of effort. A few bifters, food and some tunes will be great. Use shovels to cut out large blocks of snow as these are great for building with.

Then use the snowboards to pack down the the kicker and smooth out the run in. It important to have a really smooth run in with a long enough wedge on the kicker. The length of the transition should be longer than a board length.

Ideally the landing should be into deep untracked powder, this will allow you to really go off and try out some new tricks which you can blast out onto the hard packed park jumps once you have mastered them.

Send me some photos of kickers you have made in the past!