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The key projects I have worked on over the past few years are detailed below.

Computing Skills

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Education and Qualifications

(University of Edinburgh, 2003) BSc (Hons) Computer Science 2:1

Adaptive Scheduling for Distributed Computing
Grade awarded : A

Parallel Algorithms and Programming, Computer Security, Computer Networking, Distributed Systems, System Level Integration Practical, Computer Graphics

Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Communications, Computer Architecture, Compiling Techniques, Operating Systems, Computer Design, Software Engineering, Database Systems

First Aid Course 2006 (Was the qualified first aider for Mercurytide Ltd.)

Employment History

(November 2011 - Present) Self Employed Contractor, Simply Excited Norway

Contracted with a client in London as their CTO since early 2015. - this position takes most of my time but I still manage to do some mentoring work.

With a permanent move to Norway I have been concentrating on getting business with Norwegian clients. I have been working with a clients in Trondheim, London and the Philippines.

(October 2009 - October 2011) Self Employed contractor, Simply Excited UK

Worked on a number of projects for a number of clients. Mainly web projects, such as online shops, mobile tools, sms platform development and ruby on rails mentoring work.

(January 2007 - October 2009) Lead Developer - Iformis Ltd

I worked on a number of diverse projects and lead a team of 4 developers. The job was also client facing and I attended meetings to communicate complex ideas in a simple manner.

(December 2003 - December 2006) Web Programmer - Mercurytide Ltd

Began as a junior developer and progressed into a System Architect role. This is where I learnt the basics of software development from being a fresh faced graduate with an open mind.

(October 2002 - May 2003) Computing Lab Demonstrator - Edinburgh University

This position involved tutoring first year students with their programming assignments. I would talk to students about their programming problems and help them to solve them. I tried to make the students work for the solution rather than just telling them the line of code which would solve their particular problem.

(June 2002 - October 2002) Software Engineer - IBM

This mainly involved java programming in a websphere environment. I learnt a lot about working as a software developer, in terms of realistically estimating how long things are going to take and not giving unrealistic timescales. I learnt about tools such as ant, javascript, css, AIX, apache and Windows Server Edition with RAID configuration was also used. I also learnt some valuable system admin skills.

I gained a few industry contacts from this which lead to an exciting final year project at university with an opening to do a PhD at the end of it. I decided to give this a miss and move into Industry rather than staying in academia.

(November 2001 - June 2003) Computer Assistant - Edinburgh University

This involved the manning of a microlab and was a 'classic' IT role. I would deal with people and their technology problems and questions. I also maintained a small library and video hire service. Sometimes the job was very quiet so this allowed me to program university coursework.

(May 1999 - October 1999) Assistant Computing Manager, Highland '99 - Scottish Orienteering Association

This job involved helping to coordinate the computing for a multiday orienteering event for 4000 competitors. I was in charge of developing and maintaining the website. Another memorable part of the job was working with the event management software and developing it further as it was in the early stages of development and we unearthed a number of bugs when scaling it to work with 4000 people.

(December 1998 - April 1999) Sales Assistant - Safeway Stores plc. Inverness

This position involved stacking shelves in the fresh section of a small Safeway in Inverness. It was a part-time position which enabled me to buy my first snowboard.

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